2024 Board of Directors


Steve Sturgis Steve Sturgis - Chair, Chief Deputy at Daviess County Sheriff’s Office

 Graduate of Vincennes University Assoc of Science, Indiana Law Enforcement Academy, and Leadership Program of Daviess County

 Steve is in his 23rd year in law enforcement. He enjoys defensive tactics, firearms training, and reading self-help books. Steve enjoys working with other community minded individuals with a genuine interest in helping make their communites a better place.

"United Way is a reputable organization that does a great job at identifying areas of need with a community and then directing resources to address those needs. To be a part of that effort is rewarding."

Carole LuchtefeldCarole Smith - Vice Chair, Daviess County Sheriff's Department

Attended Vincennes University for Nursing and has been an RN for 26 years. She's worked for 17 years in corrections, and for the last ten years with the Security Center. She is a county employee and is the Director of the RARE program. Carole is also an RN at another prison outside of Daviess County. Carole has three children and three grandchildren, whom she adores and are the light of her life. She's involved with many collaborations and community meetings that United Way also partakes in and has worked closely with United Way through the years.

"My first awareness of the United Way was when I started working for the local Sheriff's department. I run the RARE recovery program in the jail, and every year the jail commander would choose 10-12 of our more "trusted" inmates to participate in the Day of Caring. For the guards and the inmates and myself...this was like having a free day! Literally, a free day for the inmates, as they were issued a "Get Out of Jail Free" card for the day. Instead of being trapped inside the cinderblock walls, behind the heavy steel locked doors, we all got a day outside in the sunshine. Even if there was no sunshine, we all enjoyed the day anyway.

The inmate workers, jail staff, and I have served the community in many different locations over the years, including the YMCA and the local parks. I mention those because those are usually our favorites. Not because the parks are full of swings (which they are!), or because the YMCA has a basketball court (which it does!), but because many of my clients are parents. Their children attend the local schools, swim at the local YMCA and play at the local parks.

Every year, when I watch my clients spend a wonderful day outside the jail walls, giving back to the community that they took so much from, I see the joy they feel in giving back. I see the satisfaction they receive from being invested in the community and being a part of something bigger than themselves. When they return back into the cold walls of the jail, back into their rooms that are approximately the size of a king size bed...I see that they are satisfied with the day's work, that they feel a sense of accomplishment, and they feel like they have made this small portion of the world a better place. The joy doesn't stop there. Over the next several days, I get to see the excitement from their children, knowing that their mom or dad was there...putting layers of mulch under their swings in that park, painting that bridge they walk over, planting those flowers they can pick and give to a loved one, cleaning the pool that they will swim in...and I realize that because of the generous donations of the wonderful people in this community, and the opportunity that the Day of Caring presents to a group of jail inmates who are willing to work, our small town is achieving the simple goals of every small community...healthy connection to others. I thank you all for this opportunity to serve!"

Lauren Milton Lauren Milton - Treasurer, Circuit Court Clerk of Daviess County

Lauren is the Circuit Court Clerk of Daviess County.  She is also the Treasurer of the Daviess County Republican Women and past president of Tri Kappa Betz Zeta.  She is an active member of Bethany Christian Church, the Daviess County YMCA, the Daviess County Museum and serves on the Board of the Community Concert Series. She is married and they have 2 daughters and 2 grandchildren.  Lauren is all about being outdoors and loves yard work, especially when it comes to her koi pond and flowers.

She is passionate about making Daviess County a better place for future generations.  Keeping the community cleaned up and bringing new business to the area are her main concerns.

The United Way helps the community in so many areas that I would not be able to do on my own.  I am very excited to be a part of a team that is always there to say "yes" when a need arises." 

AJ Miles - Agent, Burkhart Insurance Agency

"I joined the UW because I grew up in poverty and remember using the benefits and programs that UW provides.  I always prayed to God that one day I could be on the giving end of those programs and help make decisions that will continue to help improve the quality of life for people.

I am a proud husband and father of 2 beautiful daughters and strive to be a better Christian than I was the day before."

Sara NorfolkSara Norfolk - Complex HR Manager, Perdue Farms

Graduate of Purdue University with a BS in Organizational Leadership & Supervision.

She has been with Perdue since 2016 and is the wife of Dustin, mother to Peyton, Bodie & Leah, and a fur mama to Rocky & Griff. Sara also serves on the YMCA Board and Youth First's HR Committee, and is a mentor for the Daviess County CEO group.

My service to United Way began a long time ago when I was one of their first youth board representatives as a senior at Washington High School. It is a blessing to continue serving our community through this impactful organization. Through its agency funding and special projects, I have seen firsthand how significant the United Way of Daviess County was, is, and will be in the future

Marilyn McCulloughMarilyn McCullough - Thompson Insurance

Marilyn has served as a Daviess County Councilperson, a CEO Mentor, as well as having served in other capacities on various local boards.She has lived in this community her entire life, married her high school sweetheart, has 2 children and 2 granddaughters.

"By serving the United Way, I am committing to making Daviess County a better place for all. I want to ensure her granddaughters have a great place to live."

Chris DunaheeChristopher Dunahee - Manager, Wal-Mart, Washington

Chris attended Olney Central College and Eastern Illinois University. He has been working for Wal-Mart for fifteen years. Chris is married with four children, ages 4-18. He enjoys community engagement and service. Chris participates in numerous local parades and community events.

Member of Rotary Club, Sullivan and Budget Committee Member for Corn Festival

"I want to expand the help of my organization in the community while helping grow the United Way of Daviess County."

Nicole Stahl-TroutmanNicole Stahl-Troutman - Manager, First Financial Bank

Graduate of Vincennes University with a degree in Homeland Security and Public Service

Nicole is a mother to 3 beautiful girls and an avid animal lover. Her family has 4 goats, 4 dogs and a blind sheep rescued from an animal auction. She participates in many community events and organizations, such as Community Safe Stop and our local holiday parades along with numerous United Way of Daviess County events.

Served as Treasurer, Little Warrior Wishes, Event Chair and Committee Member, Relay for Life; Committee Member, Sexual Abuse Task Force

Working for an organization that gives back to the community has always been important to me. After my twins suffered a debilitating illness and our community rallied to support us, I knew I had to do all I could for anyone going forward.

Shaina BradleyShaina Bradley - Director of Peer Recovery Services/Daviess County SOR3 Project Coordinator, Daviess Community Hospital

Indiana University, MSW Mental Health and Addiction, University of Southern Indiana, BSW Substance Abuse Counseling, Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach II in Mental Health, Certified Professional Facilitator through Overdose Lifeline, Inc.

Shaina is originally from Daviess County, graduating from Washington Catholic High School in 2016. She is actively involved in the community of Daviess County. She participates in many community events and organizations, such as Daviess Advances Recovery Access Consortium (DARAC), the Daviess County Chamber of Commerce Young Professionals and serves as the Regional Prevention Council Chairman. Shaina is Daviess County's Trauma-Informed Recovery Systems of Care (TI-ROSC). She specializes in Research, Policy, Grant Writing, Crisis Intervention, Community Outreach, Trauma and Mental Health and Addiciton.

"I was first involved with United Way's Day of Caring in 2016. My goal has been to bring positive change and make an impact in my community. I lost my little brother in 2011 and he was my best friend. I made a promise to myself that I would do all I could to provide the resources and services that I so desperately needed. I am honored to be a part of the United Way to help do so. I bring a lot of expertise, experience and knowledge to the United Way and I am looking forward to serving and continuing to make our community strong."

Heather StoneHeather Stone - HR, Daviess Community Hospital

MBA from Murray State University

Heather currently serves on the YMCA board and is a Red Cross volunteer. Heather has also served on the UWDC’s grant’s committee for the last two years, volunteers during Day of Caring, and helps coordinate UWDC’s campaign at her workplace.

I have enjoyed hosting fund-raising events for United Way through my workplace. I love what United Way does for the community. I think it’s important that the community knows more about the United Way and just how essential and valuable they are to everyone.

Olivia ShermanOlivia Sherman - Client Relations Manager, TrueRx

Harrison College – Associate Degree; Indiana University, Bachelor’s in Chemistry

I want to contribute to the community I live and work in and help make it a better and more inclusive place for everyone.” “I look forward to contributing ideas and partnering with others to create some great things in Daviess County!

Angie SmithAngie Smith - Washington Housing Authority

Angie has served on the ladies Auxiliary of American Legion Post 121; participated with helping on the Washington Catholic Gala Committee, created the inaugural gala as a fundraiser for CCW, and been part of multiple event and fundraising committees. She is passionate about drug and homeless issues in Daviess County in helping to find solutions.

I believe the United Way has a great purpose. I want to help increase its outcome and success rate. It’s a great way to give back to the community. To see growth in programs that benefit the community. I am excited to see what we can do for Daviess County and meet such great people!

Dave Rhoads

 David Rhoads- Mayor of City of Washington

Dave currently serves on the Daviess County Economic Development and the Daviess County Community Correction boards. Dave has served on the UWDC grant's committee two years before joining the board. His key focus areas are homelessness, mental health issues, and housing.

"I feel like the United Way organization is exactly why I wanted to be mayor of the City of Washington; to better serve our community and making it a better place to live and work."