UWDC Partners with RSVP

UWDC is proud to partner with many amazing agencies in serving the community. One such agency is RSVP, and we share a story and testimony from them here. This was a project that was funded through the UWDC ERI Grant for COVID relief. UWDC cares deeply about our community and our beloved, senior population. We recognize there is a great need for seniors to be able to connect to their loved ones during this time and this project provides that! The clients' name has been changed for confidentiality reasons.

“Jan is 90 years young and has 5 children located all over the country. She is vivacious and active and was the first to sign up for our Tech Tuesday sessions. She has an older, semi functional, iPhone and iPad, but does not have Wi-Fi at her home. She has not seen 4 of her 5 kids since the pandemic started in March of 2020. Her family very much wanted to video chat with her, but they had not been successful in making it work. She had been able to see some of them one at a time, but they had not been able to virtually gather as a group. Working with Jan, her son, and her daughter, we were able to work through the process of getting an email and link, signing on, and establishing the audio and video. We loaned out an iPad with cellular data and zoom installed. The family gathered virtually on February 6th and she was able to see her children, grandchildren and great grandchildren and everyone was able to talk for over an hour. Jan said she was just thrilled and was very thankful that we had been able to help her make it happen. There are plans to see each other regularly and the family is working on making sure she has the technology she needs."

"At the beginning of each session, we tell the participants that the project was funded by United Way of Daviess County. They have been very grateful. We anticipate being able to continue this project for as long as our seniors need it during this time."

Thanks so much for sharing this story with us, RSVP! We appreciate all the good that you do in Daviess County!